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    Posted on Tuesday 21st February, 2017

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  • LogicBots Full Release!

    Posted on Tuesday 21st February, 2017

    LogicBots fully released on Steam from the 8th of February!

    Get LogicBots here : http://bit.ly/XRNqFT

  • LogicBots Steam Launch

    Posted on Saturday 20th September, 2014

    LogicBots will be on Steam from Monday 22 September!

    Get LogicBots here : http://bit.ly/XRNqFT

  • Steam Greenlight

    Posted on Monday 9th December, 2013

    LogicBots in now on Steam Greenlight! Vote for the game to help get the game on Steam quicker.


  • Kickstarter

    Posted on Friday 1st March, 2013

    The game is now on Kickstarter so there is now 30 days to raise £5000! If you want to see the game made then hit the kickstarter logo and support us on kickstarter.

  • Soundtrack

    Posted on Wednesday 27th February, 2013

    The soundtrack for the game will be made by Brandon Penney aka Neon-Bard. His musical style can be described as a unique blend between electronic and classical genres with a heavy influence drawn from video games.

    Check him out on SoundCloud or Newgrounds.

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