What is LogicBots?

  • Main Body on Stand
  • Main Body Part Placement

LogicBots is a puzzle game, however it is not your usual puzzle game as in this game you don't complete the puzzles directly, instead you build a robot to complete the puzzle for you. The robot you build has to be able to make decisions and finish the puzzle completely on its own. The game consists of three parts, construction, wiring and live mode.

Construction mode is where you start a level, here you build your robot by first selecting a main body which your robot will be based around. Then you add the other parts such as wheels and sensors, these parts can be added wherever you like, so long as they fit.

Circuit Board

After construction mode, comes the wiring mode. In this mode you give your robot its brains by wiring together the inputs and outputs. There are a selection of logic, comparison, math and functional gates which you can wire together to process the inputs and then output this to the outputs giving your robot its behaviour. This may be, for instance, turning left when Sensor 1 detects an object within 30cm, or firing a projectile when a laser sensor is tripped.

Once you have constructed and wired your robot you hit the start button and go to live mode. In live mode your robot has to complete the puzzle on its own, all you can do is watch. The puzzles will include getting your robot to follow a line to the finish, navigating a maze, retrieving objects, catching other robots, manoeuvring over physical objects and much more. If your robot fails the puzzle, or you think it will, recall your robot, make changes, and then send it on its way again.

Robot Catch Box

On each level you will be scored under three distinct categories, Time, Simplicity and Cost. The Time category is self explanatory, this will be a set completion time which your robot has to be able to complete the puzzle in. The Simplicity category will be a maximum number of gates you can use when wiring your robot and finally the Cost category will be the total cost of your robot as each part you place when building your robot will have an associated cost. As with a lot of puzzle games there will be a gold, silver and bronze target for each category and it may take more than one robot design to get gold in all the categories.There will also be a special objective for each level, such as completing the level not using certain parts or carrying out an additional task.